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  1. Vivacity Traditional Rum

    Vivacity Traditional Rum

    Rich in flavor with vanilla, caramel, plus a hint of fruit tones and oak. True to the name, this smooth and delicious rum uses traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes.
  2. Cannon Beach Distillery  Donlon Shanks Amber Rum

    Cannon Beach Distillery Donlon Shanks Amber Rum

    Rum legally must derive from sugar cane, but that doesn’t mean every Rum has to be sweet and heavy. Donlon Shanks is fermented from 100% organic blackstrap molasses, which creates a foundation of butterscotch and caramel. We then age it in charred American white oak barrels to balance those candy flavors with a distinct smoky, woodiness typically reserved for Whiskey. The result is a surprisingly smooth and complex Amber Rum that begs to be drank neat or on the rocks. However, a Rum of this caliber adds a new dimension to your liquor cabinet when it comes to cocktails.
  3. Cannon Beach Distillery  The Pharmacist Old Tom Gin

    Cannon Beach Distillery The Pharmacist Old Tom Gin

    Old Tom Gins evolved as a slightly sweeter, more textured version of the pervasive London Dry style. In the 1700's when Old Tom Gins were conceived, sugar was a rare and expensive ingredient to add this texture and sweetness, so Licorice Root was used in the botanical set to achieve the desired goal. We use this traditional root rather than adding sugar post distillation. The Pharmacist is fermented from Evaporated Cane Juice rather than Grain to achieve a slightly sugary flavor, but light body. We use a healthy amount of Juniper along with Cedar Berries, Elderflower, Lemon Peel, Ginger Root, and Licorice Root to give this Gin a NorthWest Forest flavor with a nice Citrus undertone.
  4. Pilot House Distillery - Painted Lady Gin

    Pilot House Distillery - Painted Lady Gin

    New American style gin with floral notes. great for shipping, gin & tonic, martinis and other cocktails.
  5. Pilot House Distilling - Barrelmans Rum

    Pilot House Distilling - Barrelmans Rum

    2 1/2-year-old bourbon barrel aged rum. 100% molasses. excellent for sipping!
  6. Pilot House Distilling - Columbia Absinthe

    Pilot House Distilling - Columbia Absinthe

    Gold Medal Winning.

    Columbia Absinthe. anise, fennel, and real wormwood, the unholy trinity, round out the major flavoring aspects while hyssop, lemon balm, and peppermint gently add the coloring aspect. this is a real treat.

  7. Trial Distilling Vodka

    Trial Distilling Vodka

    First City Vodka is hand crafted, triple filtered for a smooth, even finish. Enjoy First City Vodka on its own, or discover it in a favorite cocktail.
  8. Trial Distilling Gin

    Trial Distilling Gin

    Trail Distilling Trillium Gin contains fourteen botanicals. Celebrate the juniper, beautifully fragrant florals, vibrant citrus flavors and slight peppery back notes. Gin
  9. Rolling River Brown Bear - Stilar Reserve Aquavit

    Rolling River Brown Bear - Stilar Reserve Aquavit

    Traditional flavored aquavit, Caraway, Orange and lemon peel, Hops, Aged in used rye whiskey barrels.
  10. Walter Collective Vodka

    Walter Collective Vodka

    Unlike other spirits, vodka gets all of its taste from the grains and the water – there are no charred oak barrels, no botanicals and certainly no flavor additives. The challenge is to find the right grains, in the right proportions and then use exacting and artful distillation techniques. To be sure, it was a painstaking process. But we nailed it. This very special vodka is made with perfectly balanced proportion of spelt and triticale for a one-of-a-kind experience. Enjoy!
  11. New Deal Portland 88 Vodka

    New Deal Portland 88 Vodka


    A traditional vodka, distilled in copper stills and bottled at 88 proof, Portland 88 Vodka delivers a clean, classic taste that maintains a distinct character. Read more>>>

  12. New Deal Hot Monkey Pepper Vodka

    New Deal Hot Monkey Pepper Vodka


    A fiery infusion of peppers, Hot Monkey Pepper-Flavored Vodka impresses even the seasoned hot pepper enthusiast with serious heat and a smoky complex character. Read more>>>

  13. Vivacity Treos Brandy

    Vivacity Treos Brandy

    Vivacity Treos Brandy is a single vineyard brandy. Slow fermentation, expert distillation, and aging for 2 years in French oak gives Vivacity's Treos Brandy delightful vanilla and fruit aromas.

  14. JAZ Spirits Cold Tree Gin

    JAZ Spirits Cold Tree Gin

    Cold Tree Gin is an escape to the woods. Inspired by the elegant old growth forests of Oregon, we craft a spirit that leaves botanical, fruit, and old tree harvests intact, yielding a lush texture, warm color, and long finish.
  15. Cannon Beach Distillery Dorymen’s Rum

    Cannon Beach Distillery Dorymen’s Rum

    C.B.D. strives to prove that you don’t have to hide the flavor and quality of all clear Rums behind heavy mixers. Dorymen’s is pleasant drinking neat, on the rocks, or in just about anything. It is fermented from 100% evaporated cane juice sugar, and distilled at a purity high enough to avoid barrel maturation, but low enough to retain subtle flavors and complexity. The clean and creamy character might change your view of rum as strictly a blending spirit, while still blending seamlessly into your favorite Rum cocktails.
  16. Oregon Spirit Distillers - C.W. Irwin Bourbon

    Oregon Spirit Distillers - C.W. Irwin Bourbon

    A perfect blend of old west and new frontier, bold flavor with a refined and developed finish. Put a little Unbridled Bravado in your life!
  17. Oregon Spirit Distillers - Vodka

    Oregon Spirit Distillers - Vodka

    We take advantage of Central Oregon’s dry climate, which produces some of the best soft winter white wheat available to create vodka at it’s finest. Clean, crisp and smooth.
  18. Cascade Alchemy Chai tea Vodka

    Cascade Alchemy Chai tea Vodka

    Taste the flavor of the East with our Chai Tea Flavored Vodka. We use a wonderful blend of black tea and spices with our incredibly smooth Vodka to create a truly unique spirit. If you like White Russians then you’re going to love Chai Russians made with this spirit! We leave all the spices in the bottle, so make sure to shake it up before pouring a glass.
  19. Cascade Alchemy Vodka

    Cascade Alchemy Vodka

    If this Vodka was a country, it would be Iceland, because it’s super neutral and won’t fight against its neighbors. Smooth and clean are the comments we get about our Vodka, and that’s the way we like it. We filter it 20 times to reach that desired taste profile. It’s worth it in the end.
  20. Cascade Alchemy Bourbon

    Cascade Alchemy Bourbon

    Our Bourbon is hand-crafted using water from the Cascade Mountains and bottled at our distillery in Bend, Oregon. With rich Caramel and Vanilla notes, and an unbelievably smooth finish, it’s sure to please.
  21. Cascade Alchemy Oregon Gin

    Cascade Alchemy Oregon Gin

    Cascade Alchemy Oregon Gin is as delicious and bright as Spring itself. We start with hand-picked western Juniper berries and add a complementary blend of botanicals. We finish with cucumber for a smooth and refreshing spirit. Try one of our recipes listed or get creative and let us know what you made.
  22. Cascade Alchemy Apple Pie Vodka

    Cascade Alchemy Apple Pie Vodka

    Ever wonder what it’s like to actually drink a slice of apple pie? Well, wonder no more with our Apple Pie spirit! It’s a tasty slice of down home goodness that will have your friends asking for more. It’s an easy sipper after a long day. So sit back and relax; we’ve got just what you need to let the day melt away.
  23. New Basin Stagger Gin

    New Basin Stagger Gin

    Light delightful botanical high desert gin. In aviation ” Stagger” reers to the horizontal positioning of a biplanes wings in relation to each other. Moving the upper wing forward of the lower wing is positive stagger, or, more commonly, simply stagger.
  24. New Basin Strong American Light Whiskey

    New Basin Strong American Light Whiskey

    No unlike Jedediah Strong Smith New Basin’s Strong Light Whiskey will answer the call of the west and play a solid ground in the New Basin. You owe it to yourself to choose Strong.
  25. Cascade Alchemy Hot Pepper Vodka

    Cascade Alchemy Hot Pepper Vodka

    Fire is an essential element of alchemy, so prepare to feel the burn! We turn up the heat with our Classic 20-times filtered corn-based Vodka, infused with Jalapeño & Serrano peppers; a touch of garlic adds complexity. Kindle the flame with a Bloody Mary or your own inspired concoctions!
  26. Vinn Whiskey

    Vinn Whiskey

    Vinn Whiskey

    Vinn Whiskey is the first rice whiskey produced and bottled in the USA. Aged in virgin oak barrels, char #4, our whiskey is well-balanced, with malty and creamy notes that lightly tickle the top of the palate.

    Our master distiller started with a one liter “baby barrel” for Batch Zero as an experiment, and the result was so good that we had to make more.

    Each batch of Vinn Whiskey is produce in very limited quantity, so if you see it available at our tasting room, be sure to try it before it’s gone!
  27. The Walter Collective Gin

    The Walter Collective Gin

    Dry gins can be one-dimensional, the overwhelming flavor being a piney juniper. On the other hand, newer, Western-style gins tend to play down the juniper–so much so that many of them can hardly be called gins at all. At The Walter Collective, we set out to make a spirit that was unmistakably a gin, but far more interesting and complex than is typical. We achieved that and more with a unique combination of Italian juniper, spices and citrus.
  28. Spiritopia Apple Liqueur

    Spiritopia Apple Liqueur

    Spiritopia Apple Liqueur is a unique all-apple spirit bursting with the flavor of a half a bushel of apples in every bottle (750ml). Several varieties of Pacific Northwest apples are juiced and fermented slowly with yeast that enhance the aroma. The hard cider is distilled in a small still to create a delicate brandy. American oak barrels contribute nuances that complement the sweet-tart apples. Once the brandy is mature, the liqueur is made by carefully blending the brandy, the cider, and the juice. No other fruits, grains, colors, flavors, or preservatives are used. Spiritopia Apple Liqueur has a balanced, intense apple flavor that is unmatched by any other spirit.
  29. Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur

    Spiritopia Ginger Liqueur

    Once the infusion has matured, it is blended with raw organic sugar and premium spices including genuine Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to achieve the perfect intensity of bold ginger flavor in a warm, complex liqueur. Finally, the finished ginger liqueur is racked (allowed to settle) and then bottled and labeled by hand in small batches. Enjoy!
  30. Cascade Alchemy Aged Oregon Gin

    Cascade Alchemy Aged Oregon Gin

    Cascade Alchemy “Aged Oregon Gin” Our Oregon Gin aged on cherry wood for subtle cherry notes, round mouth feel and a smooth light whiskey finish. This is a limited release and will only be available at our Distillery or through Crafted Life.
  31. Vivacity Muscat Brandy P’isqu

    Vivacity Muscat Brandy P’isqu

    P'isqu, a spirit with traditional roots in Peru and Chile, is also a regional word for a bird. This brandy starts with the finest Muscat Grapes grown in the verdant Willamette Valley. Maintaining the apple, lychee, and apricot notes of the fruit, this brandy is great for sipping or for those classic cocktails.

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